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    Why Join Us?

    Adapting to a new environment is always a big challenge, especially a brand new working environment. A working environment that you love can save you a lot of time on adapting and learning. Most importantly, being able to enjoy working is the first step towards your career goal. So, why should you work at Titansoft?

    Innovation Happens

    Applying cutting-edge technology is just our daily practices. At Titansoft, you can do more. Being the market leader, Titansoft provides you with great opportunities to make new things happen. You can unleash your full expertise, to maximise your potentials, and above all, always to challenge yourself.
    Join Titansoft. Be an innovator.

    Why Join Titansoft?


    Hear what our Titaners have to say about us!

    • Poo Siang
      Product Owner

      “Titansoft’s self-organising work environment enables me to take charge of and be responsible for my own career and personal growth.”

    • Loma
      Product Developer

      “Titansoft is a cool workspace with lots of opportunities to learn. Just be open minded and you will know how much you can grow in Titansoft.”

    • Zhao Jing
      Product Owner

      “Here we work hard and play hard! What I have learnt and experienced in Titansoft will not only benefit my whole career development, but will be valuable to my other future endeavors.”

    • Rhenzon
      Customer Analyst

      “Titansoft is a place where you can uncover your potential. With a "Never Stop Improving" spirit, it helps us to acquire essential knowledge to contribute valuable work on projects we never thought we could do.”

    • Lorraine
      Content Management Team Lead

      “Every day here is different. And every day we learn something new. What’s keeping this innovation alive is what keeps me going to do amazing things together.”

    • Yu Xiaomeng
      Product Developer

      “Titansoft is a big, warm family with smart, young, happy staff. During 5 years working here, I can feel my huge improvement and I can see more space to improve. It will never stop you trying new ideas. You set a goal, kick it and start a new challenge.”

    Comprehensive training and development programmes - Developed for our people,
    by our people.

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