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    Tips for preparing for an Interview with Us!

    We know, we know. It is nerve-racking to be in an interview & that’s why we are here to make your interview experience (and life) much easier.

    As a candidate, here are the following steps you will be going through:

    Software Developer Position Other Positions
    Online Application Online Application
    Software Development Assessment Telephone Interview
    Telephone Interview On-site Assessment
    1st Interview 1st Interview
    2nd Interview 2nd Interview
    Steps Software Developer Position Other Positions
    Pre-Interview Assessment
    • T.Challenge - an Online programming assessments
    • Complete this challenge within 24 hours
    On-site assessment during interviews
    Telephone Interview Focus area: Experience and background information
    Right before
    1st Interview
    Complete the Personal Skills Self- Evaluation Form (we want to understand your technical knowledge better) Case studies(we want to know more about your problem solving skills or communication skills that are required to be successful at Titansoft)
    1st Round Interview
    • Focus Areas: Skills, Knowledge and Experience
    • Duration: 60-90 minutes

    A 2nd interview will be scheduled within 5 working days if your 1st interview result is successful.

    2nd Round Interview
    • Focus Areas: Culture fit and how we can help you grow and discover your potential driving toward desired business results
    • Duration: 60mins

    Here are some tips that will help you at the interviews:

    • Be honest, be yourself and be prepared! - We believe that opportunities are only for people who come prepared
    • Ask for clarification if you do not understand the question - We love working with pro-active and self-motivated people!


    We hope that this guide can useful to you!