• Services Titansoft offers to our customers

    Services We Offer

    Agile Software Development & Testing

    We involve ourselves in the iterative product development lifecycle with our customers, from strategy till deployment. With C#, Transact-SQL, JavaScript and Powershell, we build and maintain a variety of secure and robust applications for our customers. Our software developers focus on writing clean testable code with Test-driven Development.

    System Management

    Titansoft offers system management services ranging from consultancy to development and delivery. We cover the full lifecycle of information system's delivery, including information strategy planning, application package evaluation and acquisition.

    Research & Analysis

    We provide comprehensive industrial, technological and user research and analysis on current trends and long-term performance outlook of your business. We observe the markets and collect industry facts and statistics. We then provide meaning to these numbers, identifying customer behaviours and implementing strong user experience designs into customers’ products.

    Network Security & Consultancy

    Managing and coordinating virus protection, detection and defence along with recovery of critical systems require an on-going effort that entails a variety of tools, procedures, and policies. We protect your information systems, from security audits to creating a c omprehensive security strategy.

    User Experience Research & Design

    Titansoft has a pool of User Experience experts ready to deliver high-quality products through rigorous research and thorough testing. Our customers’ products are designed with our end-users in mind to ensure the best experiences when using our products.

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    What sets Titansoft apart

    What Sets Us Apart

    Global Market

    We offer multi-lingual support for over 10 languages, servicing users from more than 50 countries. We are always staying ahead, striving to develop innovative software productivity tools for our customers.

    System Stability

    We support over 100,000 concurrent end users online.

    Complete SDLC

    Using in-house developed tools, our team ensures that an optimised SDLC environment is created to trace and manage software development activities, from initial requirements through deployment and finally to ongoing maintenance.

    Performance Oriented

    Functional correctness is the most fundamental requirement in our team. We care about the response in milliseconds and we count the output size in every single byte.

    Scalability and Availability

    Because of our expansive customer base, the solutions we develop are running 24/7 and well-prepared for unexpected events. We prioritise the scalability and availability of our systems in everything we do, and take every second of downtime seriously