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    User of EnTyce, InJoi and EnControl

    Having worked with Titansoft for the past 8 years, we are very pleased to say that Titansoft takes pride in addressing all customer issues seriously and in an expeditious manner. The golden rule for every business man is to “put yourself in your customer's shoes”. And Titansoft has done exactly that. We appreciate the little details that set the products of Titansoft from the crowd. We have moved beyond a customer-service provider relationship to one that works hand in hand together to put forward a better experience for our users. Our increasing number of new users and satisfied users of EnTyce, InJoi and EnControl is obviously a reflection of the success of Titansoft and its team.

    - Vice President

    User of EnControl

    We have benefited greatly from adopting EnControl to manage hundreds of thousands customer accounts, in a most efficient and effective way. EnControl is easy to use, and most importantly, an extremely reliable system that we can depend on for controlling activities throughout the entire customer lifecycle. EnControl has definitely helped us to reach out to our customers and extend customer relationships. It is impressive how the team has managed to keep complex functions user-friendly while still being powerful to cater for our demanding day to day operations.

    - Accounts Department Manager

    User of ACCORD, RADAR and TARGET

    The team at Titansoft has always been nothing but professional. Always there to help, be it emails, instant messaging or calls. No matter how small the issue and no matter how unexpected the problem may be, they are always ready to address our doubts and resolve problems. The team is doing a great job building on their specialised IT expertise and product knowledge to respond to our shifting needs. Businesses like us in this highly dynamic industry require reliable and highly available IT solutions. We don’t just need good service, we seek dependable ones. And that’s the very reason why we rely on Titansoft for all our IT needs.

    - IT Department Manager
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