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  • What We Believe

    What We Believe

    About Titansoft

    Titansoft's journey since 2005 as a software development firm in Singapore is fuelled by passionate people who believe in amplifying value through technology. In our flat organisation, we involve ourselves in the iterative product development lifecycle with our customers, from strategy till deployment. Moving to Agile development has encouraged sustainable development and flexible delivery of quality products for our customers. The power of Agile lies in the mindset. That's why we continue to learn and adapt no matter the things we do or the roles we are in.

    Titansoft is only just over a hundred people. We’re a close-knitted community having lots of fun working as a team as we continue to recruit new members. If you’re in for a ride full of endless possibilities, check out our job openings right away!

    Our Motto

    Never stop improving is what we have always held dear and what continues to push us ahead. We can make the climb and emerge as winners only if we continue to grow and excel. Allow yourself to be inspired. Allow yourself to succeed. Dare to excel.

    Hear what one Titaner has to say about our motto.


    We are the producers of fun.


    We aim to be the game-changer in the interactive entertainment industry by challenging the conventional.


    Value Driven

    We focus on impact of what we do and bring values to our shareholders, customers and employees.

    Continuous Learning

    We don’t settle for the status quo. We believe there are always ways to keep improving, innovating and moving forward.

    Emergent Leadership

    Roles do not define who we are and what we do in the organisation. See a need, do the deed. Leadership is not a position here, it is an action.


    We do things to solve real problems. Plans and actions reflect practicality and we make sure they are worth doing to achieve desirable results. We rely on facts and outcomes to guide our directions.

    Be Adaptive

    We welcome changes and react in a timely manner. We survive and thrive by adapting quickly to changes because we understand that change is the only constant.


    We pledge to be open and honest in all our endeavours. A psychologically safe environment where people are honest, open and candid for information to flow from top down and also bottom up.